Friday, August 19, 2011

Fruits of My Labor

Has it occurred to anyone else that summer is over. There's only two more weekends of summer and technically I don't count Labor Day Weekend because that's September and gosh darnit, September ain't the summertime.

This summer I grew things. It was the first year that I had my very own area to garden with. I had a basil plant, a mint plant, a rosemary plant, banana peppers, jalapenos and green peppers. Plus there are several raspberry bushes that I saved from a wild axeman last summer. The raspberries have been lackluster, but it just got all of it's fall buds on it, so I'm hoping the fall berries are better.

Anyhow, we were plum full of peppers this summer, so I'm calling me a gardening genius. I literally have not had to buy a hot pepper all summer which is saying something because we cook hot peppers in everything. I also have not had to buy any basil, which is another huge lifesaver. Basil is so expensive and I haven't had to buy any since May.

The green peppers never came in, which is really weird since the other pepper plants thrived.

I'm already planning a larger garden for next year with tomatoes, green beans, more peppers and more herbs. You know it's the end of summer when you are already planning activities for next summer.

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