Friday, April 30, 2010

Yay for May!

The above flower really isn't a "May" flower, it's an "August" flower. But, it was the first flower picture I could find on my computer before I had to run off to work this morning. Maybe I'll change it later to something more appropriate.

In the meantime I am heavily anticipating tonight's May's Eve festivities. It involves a band of public defenders (and by band I mean actual musical band and not like the tribe kind of band) and a below average bar. But I have had a very long week and even a totally below average bar has alcohol.

Now, onto the important stuff. I have had great success in my April goal and I am going to ride that high right into May. My May's Eve goal is to be more photo happy. I used to take a lot of pictures of festivities, merriment and complete randomness. But now I don't. So, May will become about being an obnoxious lenswoman. I will once again learn to take photos of everything. Because photos are like memories and my memory is getting worse with my old age, so pictures are almost all I have left. Aging is a bitch.

Happy May!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Have Been Delinquent

Trials drain the life out of me. So, I haven't been able to even think of things to write about. Plus, I don't know what people put in the July water that makes April a month filled with birthdays, but hot diggity! I have 8 birthdays to celebrate in April and that list keeps on growing.

One thing to celebrate this Friday is the yearly return of May's Eve. It's an ancient holiday where children and old people alike prepare for a day of prancing around large poles with ribbons and throwing flowers in the air. Most people will prepare for this by drinking heavily with loved ones or random strangers. Either way, it's truly a celebration you will not want to miss!

And just in case I forget to inform you on April goal was a complete success! I vowed to do push-ups everyday to make my large upper arms dwindle in size. Well I have done push ups everyday (almost) this month and I have had marginal results. But I'm still happy because I think my arms have downgraded (or would it be upgraded?) from a hippo to a gorilla. Except a fatty gorilla, not a muscley one.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean

So, let's all get it out there and say Argggh. I know you all want to!

Recently this ride has gotten the kadooz it truly deserves from the wildly successful movies. It sort of reinvigorated the ride. Literally, they gave it a face lift and added Johnny Depp looking robots throughout the ride.

Even before the movies, though, there really was nothing like this ride. You're on a boat, there's some pirates and scary things, but then there's singing and dancing and the pirates are drunk and pillaging. But pillaging in a merry way, so it's family safe.

The lines on this ride used to be super long, but recently the line takes about 5 minutes to get through and most of that time is just walking down the long maze to get to the boats. You can go on this ride repeatedly and you will likely want to. It's cool (and I mean cold cool, not cool cool), dark so you can take a quick nap if needed, the kids will love it and it's rollicking fun.

4/5 stars. It's not really a thrill ride, but you can't go on roller coasters forever.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

You would probably have to see the movie Clash of the Titans to really understand, but as I was walking out of the movie this past weekend, I was behind 3 of the biggest geeks I've ever seen. They were probably about 20 years old and I think it was a really big deal that they were out of their basements and not playing World of Warcraft or whatever people play in their basements. They were loving on this movie and one geek said to another:

"A glowing sword, winged horse and a hot chick. What an awesome dad!"

Just to give background about the movie...It centers around Perseus who is a demigod meaning that his mother was mortal and his father is Zeus. So he's sort of powerful except also mortal. Anyhow, he's going on an epic journey (aren't these people always doing awesome shit like that?) and Zeus anonymously helps him out along the way by sending him things. One of the things was a sword that glows and only he can wield and another was a Pegasus. Then towards the end of the movie this girl that Perseus had some hot chemistry with, and was also a demigod, is killed and Perseus is totally bummed. BUT then he meets up with Zeus who is all please come to Olympus and Perseus is all hellz to the no. And Zeus is disappointed, but then tells him that he loves him and is going to give him one last gift and it's bringing this hot chick back to life.

Hope this quote makes more sense after my awesome synopsis!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Other People's Money

Lately I've become interested in learning how other people save and spend their money. My number one favorite thing is to listen to justifications. I totally understand justifications, I do it all the time for clothes. But, seriously, we wear clothes everyday and it's an expression of who we are so I think it's okay to spend some money on them (see, I'm doing it again!).

Quite honestly, though, I don't understand how people my age have as much expendable cash as they all seem to. I keep thinking what in the hell am I doing wrong? Because I don't have much expendable cash and if I buy expendable things then I'm usually expending that shit from savings. Not that I can't do anything, I can go out to dinner, buy clothes, go to movies. But, I'm talking about the big stuff. Like how can a 26-30 year old afford going on more than a couple of vacations a year? Especially when they have a house payment, car payment, kids and a dog. I don't have any of those things and I can't afford going on more than one vacation a year. Unless my mom is paying (thanks Mom!).

Recently I've stumbled across a woman who is around my age (28 for those that don't know) and is strapped for cash. In a bad way. She's always bitching about how she can't spend money on food or alcohol or buying herself new rags for work. But then all of a sudden she'll be all "I just bought tickets to the baseball game" or "I went out to this fancy dinner with friends and bought 2 bottles of wine" or "I'm going on this spa vacation". But the real kick in the fanny was when she all of a sudden declared that she had to have the new iPad. The iPad starts at $499, not to mention all of the apps that you will likely buy to put on it. I wanted to tell her that buying that iPad is the reason why you will never have money saved and will always be desperate for cash. Because you don't need an iPad. An iPad is something that you buy when you have an extra $500 lying around and can't figure out what to buy with it. Enter iPad.

Plus, Grace tells me the iPad isn't even compatible with Flash, so it's all goodbye YouTube. And if you can't watch YouTube, what's the point?

P.S. How much do you love the picture posted with this blog? I love it in an overly-aggressive way.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

I have mixed feelings about reviewing this book. It was funny and a quick read and got me to my 25 book goal in 2009. But it's definitely not for everyone (mom, grandma DO NOT read this book). In fact besides my family, I know there are other friends who read this blog who would not be a fan of Tucker Max's antics.

I read the book in about two days and it's a compilation of short stories. Every story has three things in common: alcohol, sex and douchebaggery. My only problem was if you read one story you sort of read them all. Which is why I can't really recall any of them just 3 months after reading the book.

I also don't know if I believe that there isn't a lot of bsing going on in the book. One story details a trip to Vegas where no one slept for 3 days and everyone kept drinking continuously. I don't buy that, but it makes for a pretty funny story.

In the end boys will love this book, most girls will like to love it, but some girls (and probably some guys) will hate it. And not just sort of dislike it, but fully detest everything about this book. Proceed with caution.

3/5 or 7/10 stars.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Farewell to the Best March Ever

The weather this March has been the best that I can remember in a long time. And by that I mean since March 2007. So, I have really high hopes for a fabulous April! Happy April Everyone!

Last night I celebrated April's Eve by having dinner on the Happy Gnome patio. It was so nice, until the sun went down and then it got cold and I got cranky. But up until then it was awesome. Plus, it's Holy Week. And that means that this upcoming Sunday I can shop again. Hallelujah indeed.

This year for Lent I gave up shopping, which may not seem like a big deal or a good thing to give up for Lent, but it actually was. I learned that I have a lot of stuff and I probably don't need to have that much stuff. Also, while I love shopping so much, I learned that I can live without doing it every week. I think I'm going to continue not really shopping for awhile longer, until I see summer stuff that I really want.

Anyhow, NME resolutions...push ups everyday. It's almost tank top season, and while my wrists are pleasant and dainty, my upper arms are flabby as a hippopotamus.