Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

I call this ride, The Ride Formerly Known as the Dumbest Ride in Disney History.  If you remember The Living Seas of Epcot old, you know what I am talking about.  The Living Seas used to be a big whatever in Epcot Center.  I guess if you were really into fish it could have been somewhat interesting.  I enjoyed a good aquarium, but that was really all there was to see in The Living Seas.  It wasn't even that great of an aquarium.  Although I think there was maybe a manatee.

After the success of Finding Nemo, Disney people came up with the brilliant idea to make The Living Seas a themed area with the theme being the characters in the movie Finding Nemo.  It has greatly improved the fun factor of this area and was a much needed renovation.

In order to access the exhibits inside The Seas building, you first need to get on a cute little ride with Nemo and all of his pals.  You board a "clammobile" (Disney's term, not mine), which essentially takes you through a shortened recreation of the Finding Nemo movie.  Nemo swims along with you and takes you through the sea complete with sharks, jellyfish and turtles.  Towards the end you are shown a live aquarium where you can see real fish swimming along with the Nemo characters. 

This ride is the cutest, just like the movie.  They stay pretty true to the Nemo story and bring it alive in a creative way.  It's a neat ride because I enjoyed it, but I also noticed that very little children were excited to find Nemo, so it's entertaining to people of all ages. 

My one piece of advice is to have a sweater when you enter the ride area.  For some reason the queue to the ride is super long.  Not long as in you will wait a long time in line, but long as in from where you enter the line to where you board the clammobile is a long distance to walk.  And it's always really cold in the queue area.  I am such a baby about being in the cold in a tank top or sundress, so I always reach for my cardigan before heading into the ride.  You will thank me for this tip!

I love this ride as much for it's cuteness as for the fact that it is so much better than before.  4/5 or 8/10 stars!