Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Beginning of Summer!

June's here, June's here!! June's Eve is my third favorite NME as it marks the beginning of summer. Summer is a time when I make lists of things I want to do and then never do them, so it fits right in with NME traditions.

Here are things I'm looking forward to in June: the arrival of FBH (future baby Hauth) (although when he arrives, he will not be future), my baby brother's trip to France and birthday (I don't get to go to France, but I do get to see his pictures), Grand Old Days, Becca's Going Away party (although not looking forward to the going away, Annie Mish's bday (whoops, it's Bosick now, but I love her birthday the most because it makes her 4 days older than me). I'm hoping there will be other things to look forward to, but the way 2009 is going, I'm on a bullet train to snoozeville.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movies, Margaritas and (Apparently) Lock-Ins

This is the Parkway theatre in Minneapolis. It's my new favorite...except actually an old favorite because I went there about 3 years ago with Grace to see Paradise Now. She drove and I had no idea where we were. I was in my "sheltered suburb phase". All I knew was there was a Turtle Bread Company and a mexican restaurant nearby. So, I asked around and no one knew what the hell I was talking about. I've found it yet again and it's even better because...wait for it...they effing serve margaritas!

A couple of gfs and I saw Sunshine Cleaning this weekend and this was the only theatre showing it. $5 for the movie, $5 for the margarita (and it was a tequilay margarita, if you know what I mean) and then there are love seats to cuddle in. Seriously the first 3 rows or so are love seats. We didn't cuddle, though. The love seats were occupied by old people who were not cuddling, but were sitting very far apart. What a waste, and I hate cuddling!

The best part of the evening was that after the movie, we were lingering in our seats for a minute (I had to finish my margarita) and all of a sudden a stream of 12-14 year old boys come running in with pillows and sleeping bags. WTF? So, we asked the movie machine operator: "WTF?" And he said two words (or one, hyphenated): "Lock-in." For reals, there was a young man lock-in where the young men were going to play video games on the giant screen.

Becca now wants to have an adult lock-in, but I'm pretty sure that's called kidnapping.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Defense of Food

Did anyone catch Anna Wintour on 60 Minutes this weekend? No...crickets... Well, this is my favorite quote:

"I'd just been on a trip to Minnesota, where I can only kindly describe most of the people I saw as little houses," Wintour said.

SLAM! Anyhow, I think the author of In Defense of Food might agree. Although, I don't think this is just a Minnesota thing. The book talks about the science of nutrition and food and how basically food science is junk science. He lauds organic vegetables and fruits, homemade meals and CSA boxes and makes a compelling argument for why America should start adjusting their diets. A lot of times books like this make me skeptical, but I bought this one. It just seems to fit, that eating the processed crap is changing our bodies in ways for the worse. However, do you have any idea how difficult it is to stay away from processed foods? Especially in Minnesota, where growing season is for only 5 months of the year. This book, however, made me feel like I need to make more of a commitment to eating healthier...and perhaps giving up the 6-8 diet cokes I drink every day.

In a side note, last week I needed to go to the grocery store and since I was reading IDOF, I decided to try out the Whole Foods in St. Paul. I had been in there before to pick up one or two items, but never actually grocery shopped. It gave me anxiety. Seriously, can we talk about how narrow the aisles in that place? Definitely not wide enough for my little house ass to walk through it. And it was so crowded with St. Paul middle aged yuppies. So, now I'm in a real dilemma, should I actually drive out to the Uptown Whole Foods to grocery shop? I'm considering it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Quote of the Week

This quote happened whilst browsing the framed "artwork" section of IKEA:

Kara: Molly's really good at finding studs.
Molly: I am not, however, so good at nailing them.

Feel free to laugh out loud now.