Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Please Get in My House

Have you all heard about the Target Missoni collaboration taking place this fall? That's pretty big. I love Target, LOVE IT. Mike says it's my favorite place in the world and he's right. Where else can you get a wedding gift, new baby gift, DVD, tampons and chicken all in the same place? Plus, how much cheaper are Target's groceries??? It's amazeballs.

Anyhow, I just glanced through the lookbook for the Missoni for Target collection and it's pretty fabulous. The clothes are very Missoni. I don't know that Missoni clothes are really my thing. I love looking at them, but I'm not a pattern wearer. However, the home accessories in the line are unreal. They are so me.

And I need that pillow on the right. I need it bad. Mike will hate it. He doesn't like pillows with things on them and there's a lot of hot pink going on. But this pillow needs to be in my house. And not hidden on a chair in a room where no one goes. This pillow needs to be displayed. But displayed in a place where Kirby can't reach because he will love it. He won't love it in the way that I love it. Kirby will love it because he thinks it will taste good.

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