Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pesky Butt Glands

Poor Kirby was horrified and embarrassed to learn this last Saturday that we was afflicted with some swollen ass glands.  His little butt was feeling pretty bad.  We first noticed it after he wouldn't stop licking his butthole.  I mean, it's normal to do that every few hours or so, but this was a constant butt licking.  We kept looking at his butthole, feeling like weirdos, but nothing was swollen.

I talked to my dad and he phone diagnosed it as swollen anal glands.  Dogs can, apparently, get these every now and again.  He said to wait and see if it pops on its own, but that if he starts scooting his ass across my rugs that we would need to extract the gland otherwise the chance of him getting anal gland fluid all over the rug was highly possible.  My dad said that if anal gland fluid got on my rugs, we'd probably want to throw them right in the trash.  Duh!

After our evening walk, little Kirby seemed distressed and started scooting his butt all over my carpet.  I told him to stop what he was doing and immediately phoned my dad who was in the middle of grilling dinner, but still helped me learn how you extract the anal glands from your dog's rear.  After my phone instructions, I told Mike how to perform the procedure and coaxed Kirby with treats while Mike got his rubber gloves.

On a side note, my dog will not notice anything if he has treats.  He was so excited about being able to eat multiple milkbones in one sitting that he literally didn't notice that Mike was doing anything to him.  How could you not notice, Kirby?  Anyhow, I will not describe what happened except to say that I am so glad that shit didn't end up on the carpet and Mike is a very sweet dog daddy. 

And dear little Kirby, well, after the procedure, he was feeling much better.  He took a long sleep on the couch and kept putting his paws over his face like he couldn't believe the last couple of hours.  I couldn't believe it either. 

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