Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let's Get Real, Housewives

I love The Real Housewives shows.  It's not even a guilty pleasure because I feel no shame.  I think the show provides an insightful look into the psyches of really crazy people with a lot of money. I actually view it as sociological studies.  Years from now, I guarantee clips from The Real Housewives will be shown as a reflection on our society.  Sad, right.

Anyhow, the RHONJ (Jersey Housewives for those not up with the housewife lingo) just came back on Bravo and they have upped the ante on drama.  Does anyone else who watches RHONJ feel a little bit strange about this drama, though?  Because it's between families?

The history is this, Teresa was a cast member of RHONJ since its inception and arguably the most famous cast member from Jersey.  Last season, Bravo added Teresa's sister-in-law, Melissa, and her cousin, Kathy, to the cast.  Bold move Bravo.  This addition has basically broken up the family, leaving Teresa and Melissa not speaking to each other.  And the rest of RHONJ's cast members are very Team Melissa.  Everyone is ragging on Teresa about how manipulative and famewhorey she is.

You guys, I'm not pickinig sides, but I'm totally calling bullshit on this gang up on Teresa thing.  Teresa may be a terrible human being and I have no doubt that she's creating rumors and gossip about all of the other cast members behind their backs and then "acting" all dumb like she wasn't the one who started it.  However, if these were ancient times and we were still stoning people, none of the ladies on the NJ cast would even be able to pick up a stone. are all gossiping behind each other's backs.  What do you think you are doing in those confessionals?  Airing your grievances with each other and talking smack about your other cast members, right?  Teresa may be the worst shit talker, but I don't think that any of these women can claim that they don't do the same thing to a lesser degree.   

Additionally, people really want to make it seem like Melissa is this innocent angel who would never in a million years steal her sister-in-law's thunder.  But, let's really analyze this situation.  Teresa was on RHONJ first and in the middle of the first couple of season's, Teresa's husband was embroiled in a bitter lawsuit and they had to file bankruptcy.  So, for Teresa, RHONJ was her family's cash cow.  And she milked it in a major way.  By selling cookbooks, making appearances and upping the drama on the show, she ensured that her children's sparkly jumpsuits were paid for. 

Then, Melissa decides that she would like a slice of that pie and joined the show.  Teresa and her husband are broke as a joke and Melissa and her husband are swimming in money and Melissa decides to jump on the bandwagon of the only good thing that her sister-in-law has going on and you don't think that's being a bit bitchy?  Imagine if this wasn't television and you were married and going through a tough financial time and decided to sell something like Mary Kay on the side.  And you were doing really good at it, hosting tons of parties for your friends and really starting to build your business and then your sister-in-law, who isn't having money troubles, is all like "Hey, that looks fun!  I'm going to start that too!" and then is booking clients and parties that you would have booked had your sister-in-law not started selling Mary Kay.  You'd be pissed.

The best is that Melissa rags on Teresa for her cookbooks talking about how she can't cook and it's just a way for her to make money and become famous.  Then Melissa goes down into her home recording studio and starts belting out the most awful sounds you can imagine saying that she's a singer.  Right, Melissa, because you can sing like Teresa can cook. 

All I'm saying is that Melissa did not join RHONJ to try to bond with Teresa.  I think Melissa was jealous and now she is smug because she took away Teresa's friends and has sullied her name to America.  So, Melissa, you can put that stone back into the gravel pit because you aren't doing any stoning today.  Thank you Jesus.

Clearly, I am a little too involved in the housewives, I can't help it, I find them fascinating.  Anyhow, I am not defending one side or the other here.  Merely stating that I don't think there is one bad person here.  In any Housewives fight, I find that there are multiple bad people all doing bad things and all pretending like they aren't doing them.  And these people, my friends, are all making more money than we are.

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