Thursday, May 17, 2012

Test Track

That's some high quality photography right there.  Not sure what happened with my camera (probably too high of an ISO), but it's the only photo that I have of Test Track.  I roll with the punches peeps.

I wanted to get this review in even though it's now outdated.  Test Track is currently under a major reconstruction and when it reopens this Fall I have no idea what it will be like.  The early buzz is that the test cars will operate on the exact same track, but there's all this business about how the guests will design their own car to take out on the track.  Not sure how it will work and not really sure I'm happy they are changing a ride that really need to be changed or updated.

Test Track, however, used to be sponsored by GM.  When their contract was up this Spring, it was not renewed and Chevrolet is now taking over sponsorship of the ride.  Chevrolet decided to revamp the ride.  I have a feeling this could be a bad move.  If I've learned one thing about Disney it's that they usually shouldn't mess with a good thing.  I'm still  bitter about Horizons.

Anyhow, this review will be about the old Test Track, which you can no longer ride.  It's my beautiful obituary for a great attraction.  Don't get weepy.

When Test Track opened it was AMAZING.  Probably the best thing ever to happen to Epcot because Epcot doesn't have any high thrill rides.  The line queue for Test Track was brilliant and filled with all of these crash test dummies being tested for impacts.  I loved it, there were so many details that even an hour long wait seemed okay.  The thing I didn't love was the music that was playing on an endless loop.  That music was obnoxious.

When you finally got into the test car, you were set through the paces of a real car testing.  They went through different inclines, different types of roadways, the car tested it's turns and whether it could stand up to "harsh" environments.  The environment testing was my favorite part.  You went through a room that had heat lamps and it was incredibly hot and then they put you in an ice chamber.  I loved that part. 

The grand finale of the ride was that they pretend they are crash testing your car and at the crash impact spot you were bolted outdoors to this huge test track where you picked up speed to 70 miles an hour for the big loop.  It was an adrenaline rush and so much fun. 

Overall, the attraction was so incredible because it was well thought out and the attention to details was perfect, as all good Disney attractions are.  I'm just hoping when it reopens it isn't changed too much, because it really didn't need to be. 

For the old Test Track, I give it the highest honors of 5/5 or 9/10 stars.

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