Friday, May 25, 2012

Engagement Fun

Some super cute college friends of mine threw Mike and myself a really sweet engagement party awhile ago.  We had the best time.  It was an intimate affair and so much fun to be able to celebrate this time in our lives with some of our closest friends.  I wasn't the best photographer that night (I'm usually not), but I did manage to capture pictures of the clever food titles that my friends came up with.  Mike and I both work in the law, so that was kind of the theme. 

When you first walked into the house, you were greeted with this cute drinks table.  Red wine on the table and a cooler with beer and white wine was beneath.  What cracks me up about this picture is that it clearly shows a bottle opener sitting on the table.  10 minutes later, the bottle opener had disappeared and I think someone had to run to the store to get a new one.  Kadie, here is proof that there was one there at some point in the evening.

Other fun drinks were the Tazer and Night Court.  The Tazer was half lager and half cider.  Night Court is my favorite martini with Chambord, pineapple juice, champagne and vodka.  Just don't ask Becca to make you one or you will be crawling home.

Now for the food.  So, sometimes I'm an idiot, or photographically challenged, and here I showed this by usually only taking pictures of the sign instead of the food that goes with it.  Weird, I know.  But, it can't be helped.

This sign was for some amazing pulled pork for pulled pork sammies.  The pork roast was brined for 24 hours and it was amazing!
 The Usual Suspects were veggies and dip.
This was my favorite sign.  It was for homemade spring rolls.  If you ever want a great recipe for homemade spring rolls, you can find it in Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything cookbook.  They are so good and, while a little fussy to make, really not that difficult.  Sorry I didn't get a picture of them.  Next time!
Another no picture where there really needed to be a picture.  Cavity search were these things of crispy bacon rolled with a fig, cream cheese and maple syrup inside.  Honestly, it had me at the bacon.
"Spread 'Em" was the sign for your traditional spreads of hummus and thai tofu dip.  There was also veggie dip and peanut sauce for the spring rolls. 

After eating way too many of the bacon things, we played a fun game where I learned that Mikey had Dukes of Hazard sheets until he was 15 (or something like that) and that he once was so excited to receive a video game for Christmas that he actually found where the gifts were hidden, unwrapped the video game, brought it over to his friend Jim's house where they played it for hours and then he re wrapped it and hid it so that he could open it on Christmas morning.  I love him so, so much.  And our children are going to cause me to tear my hair out.

Here's a photo of the game playing. 

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Anonymous said...

Just read this - glad you had fun! We had a blast putting it together. And small correction - I make incredible drinkable drinks.