Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fancy Pants

Can someone explain to me the state of workout clothes right now?  Are the garments spun of diamond dust?  Is that why they've gotten so effing expensive?  I was recently at my local Target looking to pick up a pair of basic cotton stretch yoga pants when I made a horrifying discovery.  Even at Target yoga pants are $40.  You guys, I am not cheap when it comes to clothes, but that is far too much for me to spend on pants that I am going to be collecting crotch sweat in.

Just for fun I decided to go to the Lululemon website to see how much I could spend on workout pants.  Th going rate...$92.  For a sports bra...$48. 

I know that someone is going to tell me how fabulous really expensive workout clothes are.  How they breathe better or something like that.  But, in the end, you're spending a lot of money on clothes that are going to end up smelling like a bum's nut sack whether they breathe well or not.  That's the point of workout clothes, you play hard in them so that you lose weight and the clothes get destroyed because of how hard they are worked in.  If your workout clothes don't smell at the end of a workout, then you're doing it wrong.

I work out in leggings and a shirt that I've had since sophomore year in high school.  I save my clothing money for the good stuff. 


Grace said...

I totally agree, and I really don't understand why workout clothes are so expensive. I mean feel like a total loser working out in old t-shirts and umbrow shorts --- because unless you an olympic athlete or something, do you really need that?

Molly said...

I hope you paired your Umbros with a Hypercolor shirt.