Friday, March 25, 2011

My Ass Hurts

When I was a little girl, I used to lament about getting older and getting "Secretary Ass". It's a real thing. Look at women who have spent their careers sitting in chairs. Them's some flat asses. So, I really used to worry about that and think that when I had a career, I was going to make sure my ass wasn't in a chair every hour of every day.

Well, then the internets happened.

Anyhow, the last week I have been sitting a lot. I've had a lot of writing stuff to do for work and there hasn't been much of anything else going on. There's only so many times you can fake an errand or go to the bathroom just to get out of your seat.

All of this sitting has lead to a sore spot on my bum. Does anyone else ever get this? It's right where my tailbone would meet the seat and it's super sore. Like, I can't effing sit down anymore sore. What is that? I look at other women that I work with and they love being lazy POS' and sitting down for the majority of the day. Do their asses not hurt?

But my biggest problem right now is I'm starting to get the fear back. You guys, I might be getting a serious case of Secretary Ass. Help!

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