Monday, March 14, 2011

Finding Nemo: The Musical

Here, at the Theater In The Wild, is a charming staged rendition of Finding Nemo. There's singing and dancing and awesome fish puppets. It's basically a Broadway play, except at the Animal Kingdom.

The theater show follows the movie almost exactly. The story is so adorable and they don't leave anything out. Nemo goes to school and gets lost. Then he is in a dentist office fish tank, but he makes a daring bust out back to the ocean. He meets sharks, turtles and seagulls before finally finding his dad. So heartwarming.

The visuals are also pretty amazing. The show is filled with elaborate puppets and costumes. It's almost as if you believe that the fish are swimming around you...and talking and singing.

Here's the downside. This shit is L-O-N-G. It's forty-five minutes to be exact, which is a really long time to hold the attention of young toddlers and middle-aged fathers. The other bad part is the theater only has stadium seating. So, you are sitting for forty-five minutes with no back support. They definitely don't advertise that either. I'm a young buck and it's a long time for my back to go without any support.

Long story short, Finding Nemo is a cute show, but be prepared to sit for awhile. And warn your husbands about it. Many of them may want to go take a bench nap instead of sitting in the theater.

I'm giving this one 3/5 stars. Maybe 7/10. It would be higher if not for the length.

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