Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Underwear Could Be Anywhere

You guys, I am having a shipping problem. Here's the story.

A few days ago I was at work and having one of those days where I was just annoyed at my outfit choice. I was wearing this shift dress and true to it's name it was shifting. Although, shifting in places I didn't need it to be shifting. I was super uncomfortable and totally stuck in the dress because I couldn't go home to change. Finally, I had this moment come over me where I realized what would help this situation...a new bra.

Women will probably be able to understand where I'm coming from, but, having a good bra is everything. And the real problem with my dress was not the dress, but the bra. The straps were falling and things weren't hanging where they should to speak.

In my complete impatience, I decided that I needed to online shop for a new bra right at that moment. I logged onto Nordstrom and found a bra to buy. I also found a couple of pairs of underwear. I quickly (and hastily) hit the "SUBMIT ORDER" button and beamed at the thought of getting the bra sent to me quickly via mail.

However, my moment of glee was cut short as I saw that I hadn't ordered anything from Nordstrom in a couple of years and the shipping address was 3 houses ago! Horrors. I immediately hit the "CHAT WITH AN ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP" button and began an online chat to explain the problem.

Basically she said that she could fix the problem as to the underwears, but that the bra order had already been sent to the store, so she might not be able to fix it. Of course, the thing that I actually really wanted. Also, WTF? I had literally ordered it maybe 2 minutes prior to the conversation.

So, today I get an email saying that the order has been shipped. But the shipping address is to my old address. I again chatted with someone online who told me that the new address wouldn't show up on the forms they send out and since it was already sent he can't change the address it's sent to. He assured me that if someone had previously told me the address was changed, then it would be. I don't know that I buy it.

So, basically, my underwear could be anywhere. And I'm sure that the new owner of a house that I lived in over two years ago will be really happy to receive a Nordstrom box with two pairs of underwear and a bra inside. The best laid plans...

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