Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fashion Smashion

Crocs with bows are not fashion. Just because you make them girlier does not make them acceptable. I really don't understand Crocs.

Anyhow, I am bored with fashion. Anyone else feeling this way? Usually at this time of year I am seriously craving a shopping spree. I am so bored and tired of all of my wintery clothes and just want to rejuvenate my wardrobe. I was starting to move some stuff around in my closet so that some of my more wintery things would be outta sight, outta mind, but the weather isn't good enough even to begin wearing some of my spring things.

Even though I'm jonesing to spend money, I just perused the websites of some of my favorite fashion retailers and I am underwhelmed. Boring colors, too many ruffles and far too few dresses and skirts. I guess I'm just not into this floraly, safari romper style that people are selling. I guess it's good on my pocketbook, but definitely doesn't cure my boredom.

I wish I could say I was above being entertained by buying a new shirt or skirt or something, but one of the few joys of the working world is going into work wearing something new. It kind of gives you a new outlook to a cubicle filled existence. I'm hoping the warmer temperatures will bring us some cuter options in clothing.

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