Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random Acts of Douchebaggery

This is RAD - the bad waitress edition.

Every once in awhile I get into this terrible pattern where every restaurant I go to I get horrible, horrible service. Like abysmal. It usually happens when I'm frolicking in Duluth. Honestly, that city has the worst restaurant service of any place I've ever been to. No matter what restaurant you step into, big or small, chain or hole in the wall, fancy or the Green Mill, your waitperson will be snotty, your order will be mixed up, you will never be asked how your food is and you will wait at least 20 minutes after you finish eating for your plates to be cleared and your bill delivered.

Sorry...digression. Anyhow, lately my life has been all about bad service. But one experience was so shockingly and utterly terrible I just had to RAD it.

A couple of weekends ago was the Aquatennial (for those non MNers, it's the Festival of the Lakes in Minneapolis) and Mike and I were going to have dinner before the fireworks. We wanted sushi and decided to head down to the St. Anthony Main area so we could get parking and a good spot to watch the fireworks. We decide we want sushi and go to Kikugawa. Now, I had gotten a cold that week and was not feeling awful, but still had the sniffles. We walk in and the A/C is blasting at an uncomfortable level, I mean it was frigid and me without my sweater. That was strike one.

Then we go to order and I order a diet coke and a water, Mike orders a beer. A while later the waitress brings the beer, diet coke and 2 waters. So, at least she did that right.

We order and I ask her a question about a particular sushi roll that I was ordering. I believe the question was "Is this one an inside out roll?" I was almost positive it was, but wanted to be sure. She said she didn't know and would go ask. Strike 2. It's a sushi restaurant and that's not a tough question.

The worst part of the story comes next. I was very thirsty. First of all I have the sniffles and my throat is a little scratchy, then I'm dumping salty soy sauce onto my sushi rolls with liberal amounts of wasabi. I need something to drink. My diet coke had been empty since the first sushi roll went into my mouth. 4 rolls later and it still wasn't refilled. Here's the proof:

That poor glass is just begging for more delicious Diet Coke. I can hear it screaming "Feed Me!" Plus if you notice the water glass half empty. That was actually Mike's water glass which he later offered to me. Mine was emptied a long time ago. Strike 3.

But this place wasn't done with us yet. Oh no. Mike and I sat at our sorry little table in the freezing cold with no liquid to our names for a helluva long time and couldn't buy a waitress to stop and give us our bill. Our waitress was nowhere to be found. At this point I'm convinced that she wasn't actually a waitress, just a crazy lady who wandered in from the river wearing a kimono and the peeps in charge of the place put her to work. So, Mike has had enough and gets up and has to hunt down another lady in a kimono to ask her for our bill. Which is ridiculous...to have to beg to pay someone.

Of course, our bill comes almost immediately, along with the waitress who had abandoned us for the last 30-40 minutes asking if there was anything else we wanted. Um, no bitch...I think that ship has sailed.

Bad service is the worst and I think the people and places should be outed.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope that you pick restaurants at Disney more successfully than you pick them in Duluth and Minneapolis!

Love ya,

Molly said...

I think my Disney picks are phenomenal. It's not the restaurants that are bad anyways, it's the service. I'm a bad waitress magnet.