Monday, August 2, 2010

Holy S!@#, it's August

I'm using a gorgeous summer night sky to lament the fact that I'm sad summer is coming to a quick close. I know that fall is awesome and fun and I'm not not looking forward to it, but I am a summertime gal and I will miss warm nights where the sun is with us until 10:00 and wearing flip flops all day every day. But, I will certainly enjoy this month whilst I can.

I celebrated August's Eve by going to the Lowertown Music Festival (if you were there, you might refer to it as Faint Fest 2010 because people were going down left and right). It was a fun night of MN bands, Summit beer, fainting and cheese curds. I'm not even kidding, one old man went down right in front of me. I'm always amazed that people can catch fainters. The guy who fainted in front of me sort of sagged and then the guy next to him had his arms around him and helped him to the ground while he was unconscious. I can imagine that if I ever faint, I'm going down like a sack of and furious style. Anyhow, the festival was fun and I bid adieu to July in style.

There are many things to look forward to in August. Namely vacation (YAY!), Michael's birthday, the new Ray LaMontagne CD, gearing up for fall television and shopping for fall clothes.

I think my NME resolution for August will be to enjoy every last drop of summer.

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