Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Vacation is Long Overdue

One thing I've learned since entering the working world is that taking a day of vacation makes me feel guilty. The guilt cripples me and I end up not taking vacation and I get maxed out and then I get angry. I get angry that I feel guilty for needing vacation time.

Since October 26, 2009, I have not taken more than a day off here and there. How awful is that? But I've got two vacations lined up, one starting next week and one in November. And even though I know that they are well earned, I still feel guilty for not being at work.

The other day I was on a different floor at work and was listening to a conversation between a worker bee and her supervisor regarding a doctor's appointment. The worker bee was almost pleading with her supervisor to take an hour off in a coming week for a doctor's appointment. I felt so angry for this woman. Why should she even have to ask to use sick time that she has earned? But I do it too. I feel like I need to state a reason for taking vacation or going to the doctor and I hate that I feel like that.
With all that being said I am so excited for my vacation starting this weekend. 3 days in Washington D.C. doing nerdy, historic things. Then 4 days in Charleston, South Carolina eating and looking at pretty homes. And sweating. I believe that I will be doing a lot of sweating next week. But it's all fine with me because I won't be at work, which is the best news I've heard in awhile.

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