Friday, October 12, 2012

Back Fat

You might wonder why a post titled back fat has photos of puppies on it.  It's because I feel like when you are talking about something as upsetting as back fat, it's nice to look at puppies. 

See...I have back fat.  OMG I HAVE BACK FAT.  I'M FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT.  AHHHHH.  Oh wait, puppies.
Okay that's better.  Except, I seriously have back fat.  Or at least haunches that resemble back fat in strapless dresses and some ill-fitting bras.  OMG.  I CAN'T HAVE BACK FAT.  MY WEDDING DRESS IS STRAPLESS AND IT SQUEEZES MY BACK TOGETHER SO THAT IT SHOWS MY BACK FAT.  I'm seriously freaking out about it.  Holy holiness, I'm so upset.  Oh, look at that, puppies.
Nothing helps as much as puppies. 

But seriously, I am a petite person.  I weigh a little more than I like, but generally speaking when I look at myself in the mirror undressed, I am not unhappy.  However, sometimes I see photos of myself from the backside and I'm like what the frick is that jiggly jiggliness? 

Lately I've noticed it more and more.  In wedding preparation, I bought a set of five pound weights and have been working really hard, but it's mostly my arms that you can see the difference in.  That back fat still lingers.  Wow, does that back fat linger. 

I guess all I'm here to say is that getting rid of your jiggly jigglebits in the back end is really difficult.  I think the secret is in the pilates swimming stroke, but I do that for a few seconds and I'm in agony and I'm bored.  So, don't judge my back fat.  Now I'm off to look at lots more pictures of puppies.

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