Monday, April 2, 2012

Kirby Day

Today is a national holiday in my house, it's the one-year anniversary of the day we brought home Kirby. I'm really hoping that he won't commemorate the event by re-enacting his first ten minutes of being part of our family. Those first ten minutes went as follows: Mike and I open the door to our house and put Kirby down setting him free in his new home; Kirby runs for a corner and pees all over; mid-pee, Mike picks him up and we take him outside so that he can finish his business; Kirby finishes peeing in the yard; Kirby comes back inside with Mike while I am cleaning up his previous mess; Kirby runs right back to the spot that I had just cleaned up and squats to crap; Mike and I scream "Kirby NO!" and go to take him outside which scares Kirby who then runs through his crap and to the back door making crappy puppy prints all through the house; Mike takes him outside and Kirby craps in the proper place; I begin cleaning up the mess; Kirby is let back into the house and runs for a different corner, but this time we catch him in time.

It was after these 10 minutes that I said to Mike "I don't think this was our greatest idea." Tonight, when Kirby cuddles up against me I'll think about how myself a year ago was so wrong and that Kirby was actually one of the best ideas Mike and I have had.

Happy Kirby Day!


Grace said...

That is a such a cute post. I think that you should also include a bunch more pics of Kirby. It's too late for this now, but you should have taken monthly -- or weekly pics -- of Kirby with a stuffed animal to show how big he was getting.

Molly said...

Don't even tempt me about posting more Kirby pics on the blog. I'd do it in a second.