Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fro Yo, Yo

I like how pretty people on the coasts are pretending like frozen yogurt is a new invention. It's definitely not. Frozen Yogurt had a hey day back in the early 90's. Remember when TCBY was a huge thing. I miss TCBY. In those days, everyone was freaking because they found out that ice cream will make you fat, but frozen yogurt apparently won't. I don't know if that's a true statement, but if anyone tells me differently I will slay you. Frozen yogurt will not make me fat. That is fact.

Anyhow, I've been hearing about Pinkberry and 16 Handles for awhile and was dying for the day when a fro yo chain would hit up the TC. Like I said before, since the TCBY in West St. Paul closed many years ago, I have been craving soft serve frozen yogurt with sprinkles on top. Finally my dreams were answered when a Menchies opened up in Highland Park.

Michael and I took my mom there for her birthday dessert. We were like kids in candy stores. First, you grab this ridiculously big cup. Then you are faced with multiple different flavors of fro yo to choose. You can get as many as you like, feel free to fill up that big cup. They also health information next to the flavors; things like "no sugar added" or "fat free". I got banana, cake batter and chocolate. I'm pretty sure there was both sugar and fat in all of those flavors.

After you get your flavors, you are faced with the toppings. I'd say there were 50 different toppings. Everything from sprinkles to granola to different cereals to fresh fruit. They also had sweet sauces. I chose sprinkles, frozen cookie dough balls (giggle, giggle) and mochi. The mochi was terrible. The sprinkles and cookie dough bites were perfection.

Once you are finished filling your ginormous cup to the very top, you are faced with the "weigh station." You pay by ounce, which would have been helpful to know before we filled our cups to the brim. Whatever, it was a birthday celebration.

The fro yo is delicious. It's so much fun when you can build your own. While Menchies was no TCBY, it was still good and since I wasn't eating ice cream, I could feel good about myself. Even if my pants button popped on the drive home.

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Anonymous said...

It was yummy and a perfect birthday treat! I had capucciono yogurt with pecans, and it was delicious. I've heard recently that there is a fro yo spot in Woodbury called Cherry Berry (or something like that) and there's another yogurt place next to Trader Joe's on Randolph. More spots to check out to see who can beat TCBY.

Love ya,