Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Avenge This

This past summer, Mike, myself and Mike's dad went to the fair city of Cleveland, Ohio.  We went there to watch a baseball game, Go Twins.  Mike and his dad love to go to baseball games in different cities and see all the different fields.  It was a fun mini-trip that had a lot of surprises for us.  The first being that after we arrived at our hotel in downtown Cleveland, we were walking to lunch and literally stumbled upon a real, live movie set!  How random and awesome is that?  

The Avengers was filming in Cleveland and had set up shop on a one-block street.  It was so weird to see a movie set like this.  It's apparently the scene of a great battle as is evidenced by the smashed car below.  Plus, I always thought a movie set would be swarming with security so that you could not get anywhere near close to it.  Not so in Cleveland!  You just stood at police tape and took as many pictures as you want.  I went back to the scene multiple times during our trip, but always missed filming...and Chris Hemsworth.  Bummer.

On our last day, the movie set was very altered.  They must have filmed a bunch of explosions the day before, look at that debris!  The cars were all real, but the rest of the large building pieces were foam.  It's amazing how real the pieces look in pictures because in person they were almost comically fake.

On a separate street, we found a lineup of NYPD cars and other cars that would probably be blown up the next day.  This reminded me of MGM Studios Lights! Motors! Action! stunt show.  

I actually can't wait to see The Avengers.  In the previews, there are a lot of scenes that look like they were filmed on this street in Cleveland, so I'm excited to see what the final product looks like.  It was so much fun to go into a random city and find something like this.  Yay Cleveland!

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