Monday, March 12, 2012

The One Where I Feel Fat

Friends, about a year and a half ago, I had a big problem. I became allergic to a medicine that I was taking, and my entire body puffed up like a blow fish. It was awful. In order to combat the reaction, I was given a variety of medications including Prednisone, which is a steroid. I'd never been on a steroid medicine before and holy hell was it awful. When you are on steroids, you have to eat all of the time. And you aren't hungry for fruits and vegetables. You are hungry for meat, cheese, doughnuts, meat, meat and meat.

The picture above was on my 4th or 5th day of the steroids and you can see the puffiness and bloatedness in my face. My poor baby brother had to experience some of my roid rage. We were going to the Twins playoff game that day and my dad decided to park about 4 miles from the stadium. It was hot, I was walking for what seemed like forever and I hadn't eaten anything in a few hours. Chaos ensued. I threw a temper tantrum at my brother telling him that I needed to eat immediately and I couldn't walk another minute before I ate something. The only thing that I wanted was a hot dog, so I'm pretty sure I tried to convince him to run to Target Field and get me a hot dog and then run back and find me and give it to me. When we finally made it to the stadium, I ran to the hot dog stand. It was weird.

Anyhow, the Prednisone made me gain weight and I've never been able to shed it off. It's frustrating. I've never had a problem with weight and have never, ever dieted before. I know, boo-effing-hoo. But, now it's been a year and a half and my Prednisone bloat is still upon me and I feel humiliated that I don't know how to get rid of it. I go for long walks, no change. I cut out red meats, no change. I limit the amount of times I go out to eat, no change. I stop eating snacks during the day, no change. I try using My Fitness Pal, no change.

I really want to get rid of these lingering 5-10 pounds. Any suggestions on a diet that won't make me crazy? Because when I'm hungry I get cray-cray. Also, this problem makes me terrified of getting pregnant. Because if I can't get rid of my roid weight, how the hell will I get rid of baby weight?


Grace said...

I've heard that the blue print cleanse is a really good way to loose weight. But let me just share another tidbit with you. At work I started doing the stairs as breaks and a way to get up from my desk. I wasn't explicitly trying to lose weight, but I thought, hey that would be cool if I lost a few pounds in the process -- nothing huge, maybe just like 3 pounds. So I've been doing it for a month, and somehow not only have I not lost weight, I've actually gained a pound. WTF?

Angie said...

I know a specific someone who could recommend an amazing juice cleanse Molly. I think it's only a few hundred dollars a month?

Molly said...

I've decided against any juice cleanses, but thanks for your help guys. And Grace, last winter I also started walking the stairs at work for exercise. I also didn't lose weight (probably because you are building strength) and I got a bad case of tendinitis in my knee. I am an OLD lady.