Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Me On: Skincare

I was just with some girlfriends and we were talking about skincare. More specifically, we were talking about how our skincare needs are changing now that we are in our 30's. I've been noticing that my skin isn't quite as smooth as it once was and also that the skin around my eyes is showing its age. Ruh-roh. I think I need to look for some eye products before I start looking like an old grandma.

I am really into skincare. I've tried multiple products over the years and these are my favorites:

When I went through puberty, I had horrible skin. I used all of these awful products prescribed to me by a dermatologist and nothing worked. The Retin-A was the worst. It left my skin with this weird, filmy feeling and caused my skin to burn so badly even while wearing the highest level of SPF known to man. A classmate of mine had the most perfect skin, so I asked her what she used and she told me Clinique. I wash my face every night with the soap bar and then detoxify with the toner. I love the feeling that my skin has after I'm done washing it. It feels soft, clean and cool.

During the summer, I use the toner multiply times during the day whenever my skin starts feeling icky and oily.

I use Fresh's Umbrian Clay Face Treatment as needed. Usually that's once a month during the winter and once a week when the weather is humid. This clay mask is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You put this goopy clay on, leave it for 5 minutes and you can see it seeping into your pores. Then I wash it off with warm water and my skin instantly feels rejuvenated. It also clears away blemishes. If I start to feel a blemish forming, I use this mask and it never comes to surface. It's amazing!

The last product that I use is toothpaste. You heard that right, toothpaste. When I was a teenager, I read somewhere that toothpaste will zap a zit overnight. It sounded too good to be true, but it's totally true. Any zit that I feel starting to form, I first dab with extra Clinique toner, then dab a tiny bit of the umbrian clay mask and then glob on toothpaste. When I wake up in the morning the zit is always gone. Only once has the toothpaste failed me and I think it's because I waited too long to apply it.

My routine is really simple, but effective. Now, I need to find some old lady eye cream to add to the mix. Anyone have suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I am not answering your question about old lady eye cream. You'll have to figure that one out on your own!

However, you should ditch the bar of Clinique soap and go for the liquid Clinique soap. It's less messy and still effective.

Love ya,

Molly said...

But, does it last as long as the bar of soap? Because that bar lasts me like 5 years. And how is a bar of soap messy?