Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I Don't Understand - Larabar

Larabars taste like an ass sandwich. They are seriously gross. I feel like this is a place where the internets truly let me down because I saw all these people talking about how they were excited to eat their Larabars and that they would give them energy throughout the day. I like good food and I like having energy, so I thought I'd try them out.

First, I tried the Key Lime Pie. I love Key Lime Pie and I generally like that tangy lime taste. I hate yogurt, but love Key Lime flavored yogurt. I thought this was a pretty safe bet. It tasted like tart cardboard. And not a good tart, but the kind of tartness where you can't eat it anymore. The Larabar sat on my desk for an entire day. I kept telling myself that I should love it because other people loved them, then I'd take a tiny nibble and throw the Larabar down in disgust. How could people eat these things?

Next, I tried the Banana Bread kind. Disgusting. I had two bites and threw it away. It tasted nothing like Banana Bread.

Finally, I got a Chocolate Chip Brownie Larabar. How can you screw up Chocolate Chip Brownie flavor? You should really ask the Larabar company that question because they seem to have the correct formula. It didn't taste anything like a Chocolate Chip Brownie. Instead it tasted like mulched up tree bark. After one bite I threw it in the trash and said "NEVER AGAIN!"

So, what is it about Larabars that people like? Is it that they are really expensive? That they taste like crap? That they are high in calories?


Mel said...

The fact that I googled "larabar is disgusting" and found this post means something to me. lol. This is the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth. You are right when you say it takes like an ass sandwich cause I couldn't agree more. How is this company still in business is beyond me. I have a gluten tolerance and have been searching for a good gluten free bar. I thought I had found it and holy crap was I mistaken! How can something that says chocolate on the front taste soooo horrible!!! Like yourself I tried to eat it and take little bits considering it was my lunch and wow...I couldn't do it. After a week I thought I'd try the other flavour I bought and that was just a different flavour of ass. Horrible!!

Molly said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in my hate for Larabars.

Anonymous said...

i just tried one today - the peanut butter cookie- never again. it was disgusting. i love energy bars and ive never found one i didn't love and since everyone was raving about the larabars i decided to try one and ithrew it out after 2 bites.

Bbfacebelson said...

You are trying the worst favors! Lemon, blueberry and cashew cookie are fantastic. I tries banana bread my first time and it was sick!

Jamie Kinroy said...

I googled "lara bars are disgusting' and found your blog! spot on! thanks for writing this. they are horrid.