Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jane Eyre

Last month, I totally forgot to do a book review. I am pretty behind in reviewing books, I need to start February out strong. What a better way than to talk about Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre is one of those Englishy class books that I never had to read in English class. It's funny because when you're forced to read something by a stodgy, old English professor, it seems like the worst book ever. But, when you can read books like Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities and The Great Gatsby on your own time, you find that they really are awesome. Except My Antonia, why is that book famous? It sucks.

Having never read anything by a Bronte sister, I decided to give old Jane a go. The results were amazing. I fell in love with this book. Jane is an awesome role model, she's a survivor and doesn't give a shit what other people think. She sticks to her guns.

Plus the story is mysterious and dark, which you don't find a lot of in that genre. Jane is an orphan who is mistreated. Then she goes on to become a governess in a mysterious house where things go bump in the night. No one will give her straight answers and they blame it all on this crazy drunk, Grace Poole. Jane isn't fooled, though, and gets all heebeejeebeed like it could be ghosts! While Jane is at the house, she catches the eye of the house master, Mr. Rochester. The two fall in love and they are going to get married and it's all very cute UNTIL...DRAMA ENSUES. And Jane leaves because the kind of drama that ensues is something that she wants no part in.

Don't worry peeps, the book does get to a happy place again, but not after going through some darkness. I won't spoil all the good parts for you, though. I will just tell you to read it! The book was so good. Even if you had to read it in high school, read it again. Books are better when you don't have to analyze them for every color and word phrasing the author uses.

5/5 or 9/10 stars.

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