Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ashes to Ashes

Today is Ash Wednesday. I actually love the Lenten season. Fish fries. Enough said. Okay, I'll say more. I love picking what I am going to give up, I love that Lent starts in the middle of winter and when it's over spring is usually at your doorstep, I love getting ready for Easter, I love the ominous music they play during mass. So, I'm a Lent lover.

Just a couple of days ago, Mike and I had a talk about what we were going to give up this year. I told him that I didn't think I could do Diet Coke right now (wedding planning, being crazy busy at work and giving up Diet Coke do not work for me). Then I thought about giving up shopping, but I'm actually really in need of new work shoes and don't think I can go 40 days in the current pair of work shoes so that's setting myself up to fail.

Mike finally said "What about sweets?" So, I agreed. No sweets. It will be good for my health, for my pocketbook (Easter candy is my favorite), for my wedding dress waist. It seemed like the perfect idea. Then today, on Ash Wednesday, I realized that I have only had 1 Shamrock Shake this season. Shamrock Shakes are most definitely a sweet. So, now, thanks to Michael, they are banned from my life until April 8th, when they will most likely already be gone from McDonald's for a whole year. Did you think about that Mike when you forced me into this crazy no sweets bullshit? DID YOU THINK ABOUT THE FACT THAT WE CAN'T GET ANOTHER SHAMROCK SHAKE?! Because now all I can think about is how much I want one. Thanks a lot asshole.

I don't think Lent 2012 is going so well for me.

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