Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Me On: Rihanna

Is anyone else tired of Rihanna? Every time one of her songs comes on the radio, Mike immediately turns it. He said he's sick of her voice. And I can't disagree. I loved Umbrella, danced to Disturbia and was obsessed with the song she did with Eminem. But, somewhere around the time of the song "S&M" I had enough. Rihanna, we get it, you are a very sexual person who lives life on the edge. Maybe you could go live that life out of the public view for awhile so that you can become relevant again. Because right now, you are so not relevant.

Except, here she is today in the tabloids and I'm kind of annoyed. Annoyed and disgusted. So, remember a few years ago when she was dating that assclown who then hit her right before some big music awards show where apparently the physical damage he caused her was so great that she couldn't appear at the show because of the bruising. Then that assclown had to sort of slink away from the scene for awhile because people didn't like him for hitting Rihanna. I can totally live with that.

A couple of weeks ago were the Grammys, and there was Rihanna performing her billionth song. Barf. Who also happened to be performing at the Grammys? The assclown. And his performance was a dance performance. He wasn't singing, but man can he dance. The best part is that he wasn't even trying to sing. There were words being sung, but it's hard to convince me that you're singing when your lips aren't moving. Ashlee Simpson taught me that. Anyways, it was confusing because the Grammys are all about singing, right? Then I guess the assclown went on to actually win Grammys (I didn't see this because the Grammys SUCKED so hard that I turned them off) and a lot of people were mad! Did we forget the past? Shouldn't we still be shunning him?

Now today we learn that Rihanna has recently collaborated on songs with the assclown. Seriously? Too soon Rihanna! I'm not going to get all judgy and preachy about this, but come on. Before today, I thought she was getting a little annoying, but now she's annoying, kind of dumb and really desperate. I think Rihanna needs to take an evening to watch the classic movie "What About Bob?" so that she can learn the value in taking a vacation. "Don't Hassle Me I'm Local!"

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