Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is not the greatest picture. Truth squad...on my last trip to Disneyworld my camera was in a bad place. I think it was getting old and the flash was kind of failing. So, I have a lot of blurry and dark pictures. I got a new and awesome camera for Christmas and was hoping that at some point this fall I would be back at WDW to take some new pics for the blog, but due to some unforeseeable circumstances, it looks like a trip to Florida will be delayed. So, until then I have to make due with my old, crappy pictures. Now that I've got that off my chest, let's review the ride!

Soarin' is a new addition to Epcot Center. I believe that this ride was first done at Disneyland's California Adventure and it was so popular that they installed it at the WDW. And I can totally see why. Soarin' is awesome.

First, let's talk about what is not awesome. The line. This is one of the worst and slowest moving lines ever. My best advice is to go straight to Soarin' when the park opens and get a fast pass. I have been there before when the fast passes for the day have all been distributed by noon, so you have to get one in the morning. The wait time is almost always posted at 60-90 minutes and they mean it. Plus, the line doesn't move once you are in it. You just stand in a holding area. One time, there was a little 5-year-old girl in a princess dress standing in line right in front of us. She kept saying she had to go to the bathroom and her mom kept telling her that they were not leaving the line because they had already been waiting 40 minutes. Finally when we were about to move up a bit, the girl whispered (loud enough so that I could hear) "I have pee coming down my leg." Parents, do not do this to your child.

Okay, I'm really getting off track. So, the ride. It's supposed to give you the feeling of being on a hang glider and going over some famous California landmarks. You go through some dessert areas, some rivers, orange groves, golf courses, ocean scenes and the like. And you actually feel like you are on a hang glider. I can't describe the feeling, but it's liberating. Plus, the scenery is so beautiful and real! When you are going over the ocean, you feel like you could dip your feetsies right in!

The end of the ride takes you to Disneyland's Main Street and you get to watch a fireworks show while gliding in the air. Soarin' is truly an experience not to be missed. Once you go on the ride, you can understand why the line is so ridiculously long all the time.

On a sidenote, on each "glider" there are three rows of people. If you can, try to get into the first row as then you don't have to look at people's ugly ass feet dangling in front of you the whole ride.

Soarin' is an instant favorite! 5/5 or 10/10 stars!

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