Monday, September 12, 2011

My Dog Reads My Blog

Remember how a week or so ago, I wrote about wanting to get new pillows from the Missoni for Target collection. Even though I really wanted those pillows, internally I was all "I don't need the pillows." It was a true struggle.

Young Kirby, who loves to spend money as much as I do, helped me out this weekend. I think what happened was he read my blog and was all "I got your back mom". So, then he proceeded to do something really uncharacteristic and chew our current pillows up. Which prompted Mike to say to me, "I guess these have to go to the basement now." We put all of our crappy stuff in the basement.

Kirby didn't destroy the pillows. He just kind of chewed on a corner of it. I really think it was an act of love for his human mom. He's very kind like that. Internal struggle no more, now I need the pillows and tomorrow's the day to buy them.

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