Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sun, Hit Me With Your Rays

This is not a Disney post. I'm posting this picture because it's the last memory I have of being outside and hot. When my mom and I went to Florida last November we left 24 hours before the first of many large snow storms hit Minnesota this winter. Florida was unseasonably hot and I remember sitting in Epcot the last day of our trip thinking that I needed to hold onto this heat because I wouldn't be feeling it for awhile. Fast forward to today and I'm needing to remember this more than ever.

Today is a friend's birthday...Happy Birthday Ro! A few years back we were celebrating her birthday with a casual dinner in a Northeast pub. It was pouring rain outside, windy and chilly. I remember her saying that the weather is never good on her birthday. It sucks that she's right.

Last year we were spoiled with this amazing spring. This year is back to reality. I'm hoping that I only have to hold onto the memory of warmth for a few more weeks. Because that memory is slowly slipping through my fingers.

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