Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Me On: Bravo TV

Last week I did something that I rarely do, which is force Mike to watch something on television. It was the Real Housewives of NYC. Look, I am not super proud that I am totally obsessed with Bravo, but that doesn't change the bare fact that I am super obsessed. You cannot look away. Or, at least, I can't. It's definitely television crack. I'm going to breakdown my favorite shows for you.

  • Real Housewives Franchise: The NYC one is probably my favorite, although last week's premiere seemed much more obnoxious than normal. And not funny obnoxious, but just obnoxious. I get it, you guys have expensive shoes, but do we really need to keep talking about them? Then there's the newer Beverly Hills one. It was definitely one of the better casts. I found them to be interesting and you cannot beat the whole Camille thing. The New Jersey housewives are a personal fave mostly because of the ridiculousness of their so-called wealth and the fights. You cannot beat the fights. Sing it with me Countess, "Money Can't Buy You Class." I will occasionally watch the Orange County show, but mostly it's to laugh about how dumb they are. I have never seen an episode of the Atlanta show, small snippets here and there, but I find that one to be the absolute worst of the bunch. The new Miami show was alright, but it was a little bit too "we are supposed to be fighting, right?" for me. Just read that they cancelled the DC show, which is a shame because that first season was television gold. Apparently no one watched it.

  • NYC Prep: This was possibly the best of the absolute worst people I have ever seen. There is nothing more ridiculous than entitled, snotty and completely clueless rich kids. My favorite character was Jessie (if you didn't see it, you will have no idea what I'm talking about, but trust that she was awesome). Jessie was not attractive, but thought her shit didn't stink and would walk around like Miss Bossy Boots who knows so much at eighteen. It was really awesome to watch. These kids literally had no clue about the world, but thought that they ran it. A quick perusal of wikipedia told me that in the NYC Prep scene, the schools that these kids went to were pretty low on the scale.

  • Kell on Earth: I want Kelly Cutrone to make me cry so badly. I mean she can be brutally mean. I love when they have an intern who is all "I want to work in fashion", but they don't really want to work and she makes them pay. Brilliant! This show makes me want to work in a job where I need two cell phones and my email inbox is always full and I always have people to call. But I'm like those interns who would be fired in a few days, I don't really want to do the work, I just want to have the lifestyle.

  • The Rachel Zoe Project: Does anyone else watch this and think "For how stressed they are all of the time, it doesn't seem like they do much work?" And honestly, how can everything go down to the last minute? What I find fascinating about this show is seeing how things go from the stylist to the photo shoot or red carpet in minutes. The other awesome thing is Roger (or is it Rodger?) I live for Roger totally not caring and then flipping his glorious hair like he totally cares.

So, these are my faves. I watch the repeats, I save them on my Tivo, I'm constantly bummed when comcast on demand doesn't have them. I know it's probably the worst television ever created, but this is my one thing. I don't read glossy mags, I don't look at gossip websites, I don't watch much reality television (or much television at all). This is my one guilty and embarrassing pleasure. And I absolutely relish it. Judge me, I know you want to.

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