Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy Little Bee

I have been delinquent on posting. But, it's for good reason. You guys, I AM TIRED. And busy. This past Saturday, Mike and I were being pretty lazy. I was catching up on Real Housewives of Orange County and Mike was playing video games. I finally needed to get outside so told Mike, can we run to Hoodbury to look at new tennis shoes. Absolutely was his answer. Then he said, let's stop at The Humane Society out there and see the dogs. Little did I know that we would come home with this:

He is precious. But, he's also a puppy and although his training is going well, I'm still following him all around the house worried that at any moment he could squat. It's way more exhausting than I would have thought. It's also way more fun.

In other April has been nuts (no pun intended), I've got birthdays galore this month, I'm working on some house projects and doing some major spring cleaning. I can't even tell you guys how happy I am that spring is finally showing itself. The weather has been beautiful and my tulips are even starting to come up. Color me excited!


Grace said...

Can not wait to see this pup in person.

Molly said...

He can't wait to meet you. He barked it to me just this morning.