Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The American Adventure

I'm sort of a sucker for American history, so this one gets me every time. Literally. I usually cry at some point. This is one of the more well done attractions in all of Disneyworld. There are a lot of really good things, but this is an excellent show of American history.

First things first, get to the place a little bit before the show will actually start and walk through the bottom portion of the building. There's usually a really good display or artwork and artifacts to peruse. There's also a singing group that will perform while you are waiting. Dopey singing groups are not my thing, but this dopey singing group is pretty darn good. They sing the classic American songs circa the 1800's and it's really gorgeous music. Plus they are in awesome costumes.

Once the show is ready to start you can crowd into the line and either take the escalators or the stairs to the theatre. Here's a tip, the theatre is effing huge. Every seat offers a good view. You don't need to be the first one in there. Relax. Stop trampling the kids.

Then the show begins. It's a mix of audio-animatronics and video and really presents a spectacular lesson on the history of America. The parts that really get me weeping are the Revolutionary War, anytime Lincoln "speaks" and when they start showing the video montage of things like the Miracle on Ice hockey team, walking on the moon and 9/11. With the video montage there's some really corny believe in yourself type of music. It uplifts your soul and you will leave the theatre with renewed vision and a bounce in your step. Don't worry, that will be sucked out of you the minute you step foot in the next line.

A great show, 5/5 or 9/10 stars.

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