Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Acts of Douchebaggery

I realized I didn't RAD anyone this last month!!! Horrors. I will pull this one out of the archives. This summer, I went on vacation for a week. It was awesome. But, I was all, what the eff do I do with my plants. Originally I thought I would bring them to my mom's, but it seemed like an awful lot of work to drive them over to her place, so I opted instead to bring them to Mike's house to have his roommate watch over them.

The three plants I brought were the three shown above. Basil, Datura & Rosemary. Only they were much bigger than they are in this picture. I brought them over to Mike's roommate and gave him strict instructions about their watering and general care. Actually, when I brought them over I said "Bjorn, I brought over three of my plants and put them on the back step..." He cut me off and said "Well, I hope they are still there when you get back." Then we all had a good laugh because he was totally joking with me. Except, turns out the joke was on us.

A day into our vacation, Mike got a call from Bjorn. They were just shooting the bull when Mike said "How are Molly's plants?" Bjorn then told him that the night before he put the plants on the front porch so they would get more sunlight and someone stole them overnight. STOLE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Who would steal plants? I mean honestly, who would do that??? Plus, it's not like Bjorn lives in a bad area, he lives in a family neighborhood. But, that's what happened. I spent the entire summer keeping these damn plants alive and someone stole them right from under me. I was especially annoyed about the Basil plant because I was hoping to have enough basil to make pesto at the end of the summer.

This one was pretty low. All I can say is I hope those bastards ate the Datura thinking it too was an herb plant.

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Anonymous said...

I guess you should have left those plants with me, so I could protect them from thieves. Hopefully the crook was not poisoned by the datura plant. I'm going to grow more from seed this year, and I'll give them to you if you promise to protect them from the bad guys.

Love ya,