Friday, February 11, 2011

V Day is OR'd

I have lots of things swirling in ye old mind today, so this might be a multiple post day. Wouldn't that be awesome for my readers. All nine of you.

I am inspired by the upcoming holiday of Valentine's Day. I sort of love everything that VDay represents, but loathe what it's become. I like the idea of a day devoted to telling people that you love them and also to loving candy. I love candy hard. I also love the idea of a day where you can put up some fun decorations at your house that are red and pink and frilly and pretty. It sort of beats the dirty snow that's going on outside my window right now.

But, what is going on with these prix fixe dinners? I mean, really, can we talk about this? I looked up what would be my top choice restaurant for a fancy dinner to see what I would be served on VDay and I was pretty appalled. For $30/person I would get my choice of either butternut squash soup, a meat plate or a roasted beet salad to start, then my choice of either parsnip ravioli or braised beef short ribs for a main meal and then a choice of either banana bread pudding or caramel and rum chocolate ice cream. Wow, those choices are AWESOME! (Note intense sarcasm here).

It's not that the food sounds bad, it's just that there isn't an option. If you don't eat beef, then you're pretty screwed. Because I can only think of a couple of people who would be thrilled with parsnip ravioli.

And this isn't just what's going on at one restaurant, this is what restaurants across the country do. They limit your choices. And decrease the quantity of the food. Note to everyone else....the quality is also decreased. The food won't be as great because it will be rushed and you will also be rushed out the door because they need to fill your seat with another reservation. That's right, they overbook the restaurant. Ask anyone in the business and that's what they will tell you.

I don't know about you, but this doesn't sound too fun and romantic to me. It sounds sort of horrible.

Can't we just get the holiday back to what it's really about...loving candy? Also, while we are at it, can the candy industry please bring back the Cherry Jelly Hearts? The Cinnamon ones are not a substitute.

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