Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great Movie Ride

When MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios) first opened at WDW, this replica of Mann's Chinese Theatre was the centerpiece of the park. Maybe 10 years or so ago, the powers-that-be put a giant Mickey's Sorcerer Hat in front of it and now that's the centerpiece. I think it's bullocks. This will always be the true centerpiece to me. Can you tell I don't like change.

One important note is to be cautious on the sidewalk just outside the theatre. They've made it sort of like the Hollywood Walk of Fame and have all of these hand prints in the cement. One time when I was much younger, I had just gotten in the park and was filled with enthusiasm and competitiveness. I wanted to be the first in line! So, I started running towards the entrance. Unfortunately, my grandma ran too and she totally bit it on one of the hand prints. Luckily, she suffered no scrapes or bruises. She's Hungarian, so she's tough like that.

Inside this beautiful centerpiece is a fun little ride. The Great Movie Ride. There are many awesome things about this ride. First is that the line typically goes pretty quickly. Hollywood Studios is actually a tricky place to plan your day out. There are so many shows to go and see and obviously those have set times. So, the best thing to do on a trip to Hollywood Studios is first determine what shows you want to go to and then you can fit rides in along the way. Anyhow, for this one the ride is usually reasonable.

Another great thing about the ride is that it's long and you are sitting the entire time. It gives your dogs a break. It also has a lot of nostalgia, which always gets me. You see actual recreated scenes from popular movies. Then you get to a point where there is live action in the form of gunfire. The ride has it's own little movie going on right inside of it.

Once you know the gag, it's not as fun, but the ride still has a lot to offer. At the end there is also a video montage of tons of great movies. It always leaves me feeling like I have a lot of classic movies that I need to be watching.

I give this ride a 5/5 or 9/10 stars.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what Grandma are you talking about because the one I know is German and not Hungarian!

Love ya,

Molly said...

We've been over this before. Grandma descends from a great line of Hungarian gypsies. It's where I get my clarisentience from. Duh.

Anonymous said...

No, that would be your Grandfather who is descended from Hungarian gypsies. Grandma is from a long line of Swiss Germans.