Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Acts of Douchebaggery

I haven't done a RAD in awhile, and they seem to be every one's favorite installment. So, without further ado, I'm RADding people with strollers at Disneyworld. Here's why:Notice this woman walking around happily with her stroller. Do you notice something missing? SHE LOST HER KID! The horrors! There is no child in the stroller and also there isn't a child anywhere near her that belongs to her. Those kids on the left aren't hers and even if they were, they are too old for strollers (not like that would stop them from crawling their lazy asses in one).

Anyhow, the woman is just pushing a stroller around totally empty. Which is really annoying. Because the streets of Disney get packed to the gills making it difficult to walk around. It's sort of survival of the fittest and typically the people rolling a stroller are the fittest because they can jam that beast into your legs, roll it over your feet, or throw it in the way of closing bus, monorail or automatic building doors.

So, if your kid doesn't need to be in a stroller all the time or a majority of the time, then leave that shit at home. Don't roll it around empty like a complete douche. Nor should you roll it around filled with packages like it's your personal grocery cart. If it's too heavy to carry, don't bring it or buy it.

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