Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Back Y'all

I have been delinquent, but it's because I've been out of town. I don't like announcing that I'm out of town on the internets because I'm afraid peeps will pillage my house and steal my shit. But now that I'm back I can tell you that I was gone.

I was in the WDW. Gathering more blog information. One thing I have to touch on now, is strollers. I realize their practical purpose, but they are so annoying. Parents use them as weapons at the WDW and you best be getting out of their way. Also, why are 7 year olds in a stroller? Do they not have any self respect? Do their friends at school know? Because that would be really embarrassing.

Sorry I can't write more today, but I've got a job to do and it prevents me from blogging. I promise that I will be writing many more gems this weekend and next week!


Grace said...

Question: Do you think that more RAD's happen while traveling and/or in other states? Or do you just notice RADs more with you're out of your element?

I was thinking about this because someone told me that in DC no one says thank you to their bus drivers when exiting and I though, wow what a bunch of douches. Maybe I've been in MN too long and we have a higher level of common courtesy here. Thoughts?

Molly said...

So funny you should mention the bus thing because my mom said the same thing to me at Disney. We took the resort buses to the parks and my mom commented on how no one ever thanked the bus drivers.

I do think that RAD's could be concentrated in certain areas, but I'm thinking they get worse the larger the city you are in.

I think that Disney brings out the absolute worst in people. There's so much of the "I have to get to the front of the line" mentality that people are just really rude. Plus, I think a lot of people are there with their kids and are just exhausted.

However, I think just as many RAD's can happen in MN as in other places. MN just has passive aggressive RAD's!

Anonymous said...

How much effort does it take to say "thank you" to the bus driver for safely getting you to your destination? I can't believe how inconsiderate some people are. Who raised these people anyways? Apparently, it was not me or Grace's mother.

Love ya and thank you,
Molly's Mom