Monday, November 29, 2010

Not on Target

Dear Target Corporation,

I am disappointed in you lately. First of all, what is with your Christmas stuff this year. There are almost no nick-knacks that I can buy to clutter my home with. WTF? It's all ornaments and lights this year. Every year that I can think of Target has had some awesome nick-knacks. Target Corp., where are they? I miss them, please bring them back to me.

Also, your sock selection totally sucks. I need my Merona knee high socks in a variety of colors and patterns. Past winters I have gotten lots of colors and patterns. This year, there is almost none. And I don't count Xhiliration as socks. I can't buy those socks for work because I don't work as a hooker. I need knee high socks to go under my knee high boots for work. They keep me warm and fashionable. Please deliver those to me ASAP.

You don't carry OceanSpray CranRaspberry Lite juice. I love that juice. Please don't make me go to Lund's to get it.

In addition, your Up & Up brand tissues are cheaper, but the box colors and patterns are so atrociously ugly that I cannot buy them. No one's bathroom is bright blue or purple or mustard colored. Take a hint from Kleenex and neutralize your boxes so that I'm not embarrassed to have them in my bathroom.

Thank You,

Your #1 Fan, Molly

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