Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disney at Christmastime

Lifelist #102 was to see the Christmas decorations at Disneyworld. I was just there and let me tell you, the place is decked out for the holidays. It's really very impressive. But, can I just say...slightly underwhelming. I think this picture illustrates the reason why. It's because there are no decorations on Cinderella's castle. At nighttime, the castle looks like this:

It's covered in a million white lights that look like icicles dangling down. So, it's a night stunner, but not a day one. The other big disappointment was there was no grand tree at the Magic Kingdom. All of the other parks had this huge tree in the entrance, but not one for the main WDW park? Apparently there is usually one, but they hadn't put it up yet. Those complaints aside, Christmas at the WDW is really fun. The decorations are lavish and gorgeous, there is an awesome Christmas Party that you can attend at the Magic Kingdom where you have a special parade and fireworks display and there is the grandaddy of all light displays at MGM. Look at this:

I don't think this picture does it any justice. It's 7.5 million lights. They are covering a block of the park. The display includes this 70 foot tree:

It also includes this:

That's right, Baby Jesus represents at WDW. I was actually shocked to see this. I think because Disney is a private entity, they can have it, but I'm surprised someone hasn't complained. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with it, but this is something that peeps love to complain about.

All in all, I got my fill of gorgeous decorations and am happy to check #102 off my life list. I'll leave you with my favorite tree from the parks.

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