Monday, July 2, 2012

Those Stamps Don't Go With My Outfit

In college, my friend Kara swears that one day I asked her for a piece of gum and when she asked me why I told her that chewing gum would really go with my outfit.  Which I don't remember, but don't deny because it's totally something that I would say. 

Which is why these stamps are really pissing me off.
Allow me to explain.  In a couple of months, I will be sending out the invitations for the wedding.  With the wedding, I really wanted to create an ambiance that said "modern fall preppy."  The invites are the first thing that people will see for the wedding, so I really wanted it to evoke the feeling of the wedding.  I ended up having the invites custom done (I will blog about these details after the wedding in a post that is much more cheery because the invites turned out AWESOME) so that the colors and design would be exactly right. 

I can't show you the invites until after the wedding, but I will describe them as bright, colorful and most definitely modern and preppy. 

So, today I toddled over to the U.S. Post Office to get stamps for my modern, preppy and beautiful invitations.  First, they weighed the invite and gave me some pretty wedding appropriate .65 cent stamps.  Perfect!  Next, I gave them the RSVP card and said that I will need postcard stamps for that.  The cashier measured it and said that yes, indeed, I could use the .32 cent stamps for the RSVP cards.

One problem.  The .32 cent stamps only come in one, tacky design.  Aloha, Hawaiian shirts!  Are you freaking kidding me???  I couldn't believe that this was the ONLY option.  I asked if they just had the standard flag .32 cent stamp, but they don't.  They only have postcard stamps in Hawaiian shirts. 

I realize the need to be logical here.  A regular stamp is .45 cents and I need 150 of them, so I'm saving .13 cents per stamp.  I realize that spending .13 cents more for a stamp just because of the design is not thrifty.  But, holy Hannah, could you find some design that was a bit more generic?

The Post Office employee told me that the "rational bride" would go for cost saving over aesthetics.  I felt like I was being lectured at the post office, so I bought them.  Now I'm having buyer's remorse. 

Please tell me, how terrible are these stamps? 


Angie said...

I think they're funny! It is summer, and RSVP cards are more informal than the invitation anyway. Embrace it!

Anonymous said...

This is freaking hilarious. Love em.

Molly said...

I couldn't embrace the Hawaiian shirts. The post office allowed me to return most of them and go with the white roses. I think that those Hawaiian shirts are the post office's way of getting more money.