Friday, July 27, 2012

Things I Don't Understand

Here's a list of things that are bothering me:
  • Kate Middleton, Fashion Icon.  I am not saying that Kate Middleton isn't gorgeous and doesn't have fabulous clothes.  Because she is and she does.  Plus, she's got beautiful hair and a gorgeous figure.  However, I don't think she's slapped us in the face with her fashion sense.  I think she was actually more fashionable prior to marrying into the royal family.  I loved her in her flat boots and skinny jeans or wrap dresses.  These days it's basically her in a shift dress with nude heels.  It's boring me.  I'm hoping that she amps it up for the Olympics, but for now I think it's too early to be calling her an icon.
  • Ombre nails.  I've seen this trending for awhile now and I don't totally understand it.  When I first heard about it, I thought it would be an ombre effect on one nail, but it's actually painting each nail a different color.  First, that would take a lot of time.  Second, you'd have to buy a lot of nail polish to keep this up.  Third, if you're really going for the ombre look, are you really achieving that by painting each nail a different color?  Because how often are people looking at your nails all together?  People might see a thumbs up, or a middle finger, or a pointing finger, but when do they ever get a whole hand?  And if you are still giving people a "talk to the hand", then your problems are worse than your nails.
  • Target.  I really love Target, but some days it just makes me angry.  They don't carry Traiminic medicine anymore.  Triaminc medicine, while for children, is the only thing that I take when I'm sick.  It's a miracle medicine.  Why would you discontinue it?  And they don't even have an Up & Up brand replacement.  Also, Target has been really stingy on bagging your things with paper bags.  Before you start yelling at me, normally I do bring my own reusable bags into Target and other grocery stores.  However, there are times where I forget and at Target they just start bagging your items into their plastic bags and if you ask for paper, you get a look.  I don't appreciate the look. 
  • Fall TV.  Last year, a few of my favorite shows weren't renewed.  The Secret Circle, GCB.  And while I have plenty of TV shows to watch, I always love adding new things to the mix.  I've seen some previews for the new fall shows and I feel very Meh about it.  Really, is that the best they've got?
  • KStew.  First, you're a terrible actress.  Now you've proven yourself to be a terrible actress who is also a real dumbo.  At least you're pretty. 
Okay, enough whining.  Today I have lots to be excited for.  The Olympics are here.  If you need to find me in the next two weeks, try my couch.  I don't plan on moving from it.  I love how the world's largest sporting event turns me into a real couch potato.


Anonymous said...

What? No comment about the dude sitting at the Twins game, reading the newspaper, with his headphones?

Love ya,

Molly said...

The photo was just meant as a representation of something that I don't understand. I think I previously blogged about this guy. The other option was a picture of Kirby looking cute, but then I didn't want him associated with things I don't understand.