Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Storm Warning

The other night some major storms rolled through the city and from what I can tell, most people slept through them.  There were so many trees down in the city that I live in that several roads were closed until the debris could be cleared.  How do we sleep through that?

The picture above shows our neighbors large tree that topped over.  Part of it was on their car, but, luckily, it didn't do any real damage.  I was really bummed about this tree because every spring it gives off the most beautiful white flowers. 

The other thing that happened is our neighbors that I have previously RAD'd ended up with a tree branch through their windshield.  See...

Is it bad that I had mixed feelings of sadness and smugness?  I was sort of like, well, maybe if you parked in  your driveway this wouldn't have happened to you!

I was just really glad that we had no home or car damage.  That was a relief.  We were out of power in our home in the morning, which made getting ready for work an interesting challenge.  It started off with a candlelit shower and ended with me braiding up my still sopping wet hair into something that looked semi-decent for work.  I always think it's funny when the power goes out and you keep trying to do things that require power and are confused when they don't work.  For instance, I kept turning on lights and my first thought when the lights didn't come on was "The light bulb burned out!"  It was a great start to the morning.

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