Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mad Love for Norway

I heart Norway. I really, really love it. I studied abroad there during the summer of two thousand and something (I'm not even looking into it because I don't want to be reminded of how old I am) and fell hard for the amazing harbor city. The people were friendly and kind, the cities were clean and beautiful and you cannot beat the Norwegian landscape. My trip to Norway came with several unreal stories. I was going on a study abroad trip where I knew no one and was traveling alone much of the time, so I have quite a few great stories to share. Maybe one day they will all get posted, but for now, a quick little anecdote for you.

During my stay in Norway, I became obsessed with this ice cream shop called Movenpick. Apparently it's Swiss, but the ice cream was insanely good. Everything in Norway was ridiculously expensive and Movenpick was a delicacy I allowed myself almost everyday. I loved this stuff. Google it and just look at the flavors. You can't get this at the DQ.

On my last night in Oslo, I was strolling back from the harbor to my hotel and thought, I really need to stop there one last time. I went in and saw the same 60-year-old man standing behind the counter. That guy was so sweet and in there every time I went in. He loved speaking English with me, so we had had a few conversations during my stay.

I was telling him it was my last night and we were chatting about my time there. As I was telling him how sad I was to be having my last Movenpick, I was also trying to grab my wallet out of my huge and overstuffed purse. I wasn't paying attention and was really fumbling to get it out. When it finally freed itself from the leather beast that was holding it back, the wallet came with a tampon. A tampon was stuck inside the flap. As I pulled up on the wallet, I notice the tampon sort of dangling there taunting me "I'm going to really embarrass you tonight". Then the tampon goes flying. It went over the counter and right at the feet of the poor old man sales clerk.

So, what did I do. I put my kroner on the table and got the hell out of there. I acted like nothing had happened. Which is what you should do when you throw a tampon at an old man.

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