Friday, July 29, 2011

August is a Favorite

August has always been a favorite of mine. I love that it starts out all hot and sticky and by the end you are getting some Indian Summers in. Is that phrase even socially acceptable? Or is it taboo? Anyhow, I love those summery nights where the day is blazing but in the evening you are reminded that fall is coming soon. Here are some things I am excited for this August:

  • Harry Potter. I will finally see it! Yay!

  • Vacation. I'm going to the great city of Cleveland. Not so fancy, but I think it will be fun. Not so great will be leaving my little Kirbino for the first time.

  • Laying/Reading in My Hammock. I got a hammock for my birthday, but it's been so hot that I haven't been in it a ton. August will change that.

  • Raspberries. There are a few raspberry bushes in the backyard and some early raspberries have already come, but there are a bunch more that should be ready soon. I love raspberries right from the bushes!

  • Mikey's Birthday. Mike will finally be as old as me.

  • Babies. I have one friend who just gave birth and two other friends who are due in August. I love new little babies and can't wait to meet the new bambinos.

  • Back to School. I haven't been part of the back to school rage in quite a long time, but I always love this time of year. I love the commercials, the store displays, that harried fever in the air at the end of the month.

I can't believe that it's August already. I'm hoping for a warm fall because I'm definitely nowhere near ready to let go of these warm temperatures.

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