Friday, July 8, 2011

Things I Don't Understand: twitter hashtags

I was just having a conversation with Grace about how I find twitter to not be user friendly. I still haven't figured out how you post something to someone else. So, I'm sort of a twitter idiot. However, I use it to follow other people, so I still read a lot of people's twitter pages. Mostly for comedy.

Awhile back, I started noticing these stupid "hashtags" where some dope would write "I'm eating a sammy #hungry #Subway". How annoying is that? I quickly learned that there is a hashtag for everything. For instance, you can hashtag a television show, a state, a person, an adjective, a restaurant, a feeling. You can even hashtag sounds. The most popular (and annoying) being #wah.

So, not only can we tell the world what asinine and pointless thing we are doing at that very moment, we can now also link them all together through totally made up and useless hashtags. To show my readers how stupid these things are, I've decided to come up with my potential twitter posts and hashtags. #Enjoy!

  • I'm posting to twitter while sitting on the toilet! #stinky #makemycoworkersuncomfortable #colonhealth

  • I just got hit by a car while walking and tweeting. #ouch #WAH #goingtohospital #thatwillleaveamark

  • I'm so depressed I just ate 50 doughnuts. #fattie #nofriends #WAH #iamugly #cryingoutforhelp #ineedahug

  • Just spent tons of money while shopping at Saks. #ishopcauseimrich #glamorous #helpingtheeconomy #imhot

  • I just spotted an alien abducting my neighbor's cat. #forrealz #imnotdrunk #ihatecats #myneighborhoodisscary #area51

  • Someone brought a really ugly baby to church. #afaceonlyamothercouldlove #woof #offensive

I could go on and on with these, but I won't. You can see how stupid they are just by looking at them. I have great fear for the young people of America.


Anonymous said...

Huh? I still don't understand what the # is meant for? I don' follow Twitter but feel dumb asking this question. Could you explain a little more what they are meant to do/represent? - Annie

Molly said...

My understanding is that the "#" signifies it's a hashtag or a categorization. So, if you were writing about the tv show Mike and Molly you'd say "Watching Mike and Molly, this show sucks. #MikeandMolly" and then anyone who searched the hashtag "MikeandMolly" would see that comment and any other comment on twitter about the show. So, it helps people to search for information. What I think is funny is who would ever search for things like "WAH" or "ihatemylife"? I mean who would care?

Grace said...

Speaking of Twitter hash tags, I think I'm going to start a collection of really absurd ones, the other day I saw a post of someone talking about mowing the lawn and doing some weed wiping and then writing #grasshasthataffectonme, what?