Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Am Annoyed

Folks, I am cold and grumpy. Sounds like it's time for a bulleted list of things I don't understand.
  • How could The Social Network win for best picture? The movie was not bad, it just wasn't as good as the other movies. Not nearly as good. I am angry about this.
  • Heat at work. They have stopped using it. It makes dressing in professional clothes extremely difficult. It also makes me look like I've gained 10 pounds because of the amount of layers I am wearing.
  • Snow. Not only does the state not know how to plow anymore, but the snow always seems to fall the most when I have plans in Minneapolis. Please snow, I'm begging you, allow me to have a social life!
  • Restaurants. Once again, I've been having horrendous service in restaurants. Last Friday, I went to Ichiban. I needed a drink, it was one of those days. I found some champagne cocktail and when the waitress came around to the table, ordered it. Then everyone else's drinks came except mine. The waitress came back a couple of times, but never to our section of the teppanyaki table, so I couldn't ask about it. When she finally did, I said to her: "I ordered a drink and haven't gotten it yet." She replied: "Yes, I brought it" then she pointed to a small glass in front of me that had a clear liquid in it. I said: "What is that?" She said: "It's what you ordered." I said: "It doesn't look like champagne." She said : "It's sake." Yeah, I never ordered sake. So, she took it back and brought me my champagne drink. That was the last I saw of her. She never came back and asked if we wanted more to drink and never refilled our water glasses. Cardinal sin of restaurants.
  • I hate wearing a coat when driving. Does anyone else feel this way?'
  • Spring clothes out in stores. I hate looking at light, sleeveless things when it's negative zero outside. Can't we just keep some damn sweaters in the store?

My crabby pants are very full today.

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