Thursday, December 2, 2010

A New Month Is Upon Us

December is basically my favorite month. But, also sort of my least favorite because of how quickly it all flies by. I am one of those people who love Christmas. And in December you get to celebrate the season for an entire month. It's awesome. Here are all of the things I look forward to this month:
  • Christmas lights. Love them. I would go out driving every night if it was possible. It's not, but I still go out at least once a week.
  • Christmas trees. There's nothing quite like decorating a tree. I like to pull out each ornament and remember where I got it. My mom still has ornaments that I made when I was 4 or 5. Every ornament that I put on the tree has a memory for me and I love a good trip down memory lane.
  • Christmas music. I'm not as into it as a lot of people I know (Anne, I'm talking about you), but I still like it a whole lot. Pandora's Swingin' Christmas station was on all day at work and I know I'll go home tonight humming O Holy Night.
  • Christmas cards. I'm very old fashioned this way. Really I love receiving mail, and sending out Christmas cards ensures that you will get some in return.
  • Christmas movies. My biggest complaint is that the networks put them on too soon. I saw the other night that The Grinch was on. Can't they show that a bit closer to Christmas. I think they do it so that people will buy the movies. Consumerism.
  • Christmas baking. This year I'm looking forward to another successful cookie baking day with my mother. The two of us make hundreds of cookies together. Then we eat them with little to no help from family and friends. We're gluttons.

But like all things that are meticulously planned out, they go by way too fast and leave the planners with a certain amount of the blues. That's one thing I don't like about Christmas.

Happy December everyone!


Anne said...

i thoroughly enjoyed the shout out in your post! i do love my Christmas music and pairing it with Pandora has changed my life. i heartily agree with your entire post - except for the sending card part. i am not so good with that, but always enjoy receiving yours!

Molly said...

Pandora is a life saver at work sometimes. And the Christmas music has already offered me a few serenity now moments. Do what you will about the Christmas cards. All I'm saying is I wouldn't mind hanging one of yours up on my wall someday.
P.S. I still haven't seen White Christmas. Do you not want to be friends with me anymore?