Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let's Waste Some Time

Sometimes, I enjoy wasting a little time. There is nothing better for sucking a day away than the internets. Here are some of my very favorites places to lose myself...
  • sweethomestyle.tumblr.com - nothing is better than looking at beautiful homes and feeling badly about your own home
  • thisiswhyyou'refat.com - looking at this gives me a stomachache, but in a good way
  • failbook.com or failblog.org - you have no idea how badly I want a facebook friend to post something dumb so that I can submit it
  • marthastewart.com - its no secret that I love Martha and this website helps me nurture that love
  • passiveaggressivenotes.com - I wish I had the balls to write these notes because if I had the balls, I would have written a lot of these.
  • theknot.com - I like looking up people I knew way back when and hoping they have some obnoxious story about how they met that I can laugh and laugh at.

In addition to this, there are several blogs that I follow and make snarky and sarcastic comments about. I won't post them here because I believe it's bad blog karma. Plus, I don't want them to close on me. About a year ago, I found this fantastically sad and desperate little blog. Immediately after discovering it, I wrote a snarky comment in my blog about one of her blog articles. Shortly thereafter she stopped posting on her blog and then she shut it down entirely. SHE TOOK THE ENTIRE BLOG OFFLINE! I couldn't even read the back articles that I had grown to love so much. They were awesome. One was all about how her boyfriend wouldn't propose to her and how terrible it made her feel and that her boyfriend was all "maybe if you'd stop obsessing about the wedding, I'd feel more comfortable marrying you." Ouch. Now it's gone. My point is that I won't make public which blogs I ridicule, but I will tell you privately. Email me bitches.


Anonymous said...

Molly, this is exactly what I needed to get through this work week. Hopefully we will always have MCG/CCG to ridicule. -Ang

Molly said...

I know! This work week needed a little time suck. Although, I've been super busy at work, so the time suck has only worked against me.