Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Help

I will be straight with you. I was not super excited to read this book. It's another one of those far too hyped up books where everyone and their brother loves it. Which tends to mean that I will hate it. Plus, look at that cover..........How boring does that cover make the book look?

But I was looking for something that I could really get into and this fell into my lap. Folks, I was hooked. The author tells the story through three different viewpoints and it always breaks off from one viewpoint just when you want it to continue the most. I think this is the author's cheap trick. And it totally works.

The plot is this, we are living in the deep south when people still had maids and were horribly racist. One rich white girl wants to write a book about the maids' experiences. But, this would be taboo and would get everyone involved in a whole lotta trouble. So, she does it in secret. When the book comes out, the people of the town know the secret, but do they really want to admit that they treat their staff this way?

It's one big moral dilemma after another. It's pretty good and a very quick read.

4/5 or 8/10 stars.

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